About The Kingdom

About Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago located to the east of the Arabian Peninsula. Over the decades, Bahrain has been renowned for its strategic advantage of being a distinguished trade hub in the region and the world. The developed infrastructure and government policy makes it an ideal location for foreign investments and tourism.

Bahrain’s multi-culture society and harmonious life that stretches back to more than five thousand years, has made it a unique melting pot in the region. Its capital, Manama, combines the majestic traditions of the past with urban lifestyle. The warm hospitality of the Bahraini people has always prevailed as an authentic tradition in welcoming visitors from different cultures.

Tourists can also choose to enjoy Bahrain’s culture and tourist attractions such as historical landmarks, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants, events and festivals that are hosted continuously throughout the year.

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority launched a tourism identity under the slogan ‘Ours Yours’ in a step to further develop the tourism sector as a main contributor to the national economy while focusing on the four main pillars ‘awareness, attraction, access, and accommodation’ to attract regional and international visitors.

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