frequently asked questions

Q: What is Shop Bahrain?
Shop Bahrain is the third edition of Bahrain Shopping Festival running this year from 19th January and until 18th February 2017. It follows the first edition which was launched in line with the Kingdom’s National celebrations under the name ‘Bahrain Noor El Ain’. The Festival aims to energize the economy by enhancing the partnership between the public and private sectors to host a number events and activities for the entire family while providing shoppers the chance to enjoy a unique shopping experience and valuable prizes.
Q: When was the Bahrain Shopping Festival launched?
Bahrain Shopping Festival was first launched in 2014 under the name of ‘Bahrain Noor El Ain’. The festival was held between 15th December 2014 and 16th February 2015.
Q: What’s the main purpose behind “Shop Bahrain”?
Shop Bahrain aims to promote the Kingdom as an attractive destination for tourists and shoppers while further re-energizing the tourism and retail sectors by bringing together the shopping malls and hotels in order to provide an unparalleled experience filled with shopping and entertainment activities for the entire family, residents and tourists from neighboring Gulf countries.. The festival also aims to further develop the national economy and support the growth of the labour market.
Q: Who does “Shop Bahrain” target?
The festival targets shoppers and visitors from Bahrain and across the region.
Q: When will the festival be held?
Shop Bahrain will run from 19th January 2017 until 18th February 2017.
Q: Where will the events take place?
Shop Bahrain events will be held at ‘The Festival City’. For more information, please click on the Festival’s Events Calendar available on the website. Also, follow the festival’s social media account, @shopbahrain, across all social media channels.
Q: Who are the organizers behind this Festival?
The festival is co-organized by Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority and Tamkeen and is held in cooperation with the partners from Public and Private sector.
Q: What is ‘Tamkeen’s’ role in the third edition of Shop Bahrain?
Tamkeen is one of the organizers as well as a strategic partner in this year’s edition.
Q: How can I contact the organizers?
You can contact the organizing committee through the dedicated Call Centre on +973 17508900 or via email:
Q: Who is responsible for funding the Festival?
‘Shop Bahrain’ is funded in partnership with Tamkeen, Batelco, Gulf Air, and Y.K. Almoayed Group & Sons.
Q: What are the Festival’s main events this year?
Shop Bahrain includes a number of exciting events that will be held at the ‘Festival City’ and at the participating malls, it will also include other activities such as The Taste Tour and live musical concerts.
Q: What are Shop Bahrain’s social media accounts?
You can follow Shop Bahrain’s social media account, @shopbahrain, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.
Q: Will Shop Bahrain host competitions on its social media accounts?
Yes, a number of competitions will be held throughout the duration of the Festival. The events will also include a selection of special appearances by social media celebrities from Bahrain and the GCC.
Q: How can the participating shopping malls be identified?
All participating malls will have Shop Bahrain branding. More information about the participating malls can be found on the festival’s website:
Q: Where will the main events of the Festival be held?
Most of the events will be held in the Festival City. Participating shopping malls will also host fun-filled family events. To know more about ‘Shop Bahrain’ events, please follow the social media accounts or visit the website.
Q: What kind of benefits do shoppers get?
Shoppers will get the chance to win valuable prizes through the Festival Loyalty System that allows them to collect points for the purchases of BD10 or above from the Festival’s participating malls and hotels.
Q: What kind of events and activities will the Festival include?
The Festival will include a wide range of activities and events for the entire family to enjoy. Please go to the “Events” tab on the Festival’s website to learn more about the events or follow Shop Bahrain’s social media accounts for daily updates.
Q: Will the Festival’s event be suitable for all members of the family?
Yes, Shop Bahrain will include a variety of family-oriented activities.
Q: How do I become eligible for the raffle draw?
All shoppers that are enrolled in Shop Bahrain’s loyalty system are eligible for the raffle draw. The more they shop the more are their chances of winning. For more information please click here.
Q: What distinguishes the Festival this year?
This year Shop Bahrain will host ‘The Festival City’, ‘The Taste Tour’, and a number of musical concerts.
Q: Will the Festival include “The Taste Tour”?
Yes; the Taste Tour will be held at various restaurants from around the Kingdom.
Q: What are the events that children can enjoy?
Some of the events include a number of in-mall activities and fun filled events.
Q: How does the Loyalty System work?
  • Shoppers are enrolled in the loyalty system when they make their first purchase and redeem the receipts in any of the ‘Shop Bahrain’ Kiosks. They will be required to provide their name, ID and contact details.
  • Shoppers will be updated with the total number of points via SMS after every transaction.
  • Minimum required for each purchase is BD10
  • Customers can be upgraded to the next tier based on total number of points
  • Prizes and deals are defined based on each tier
  • All shoppers will enter the grand raffle
  • Instant scratch and win cards will be available in the Festival’s kiosks
  • Shoppers will get 3 points for every 1 BD spent at any of the participating malls and hotels.
  • Shoppers will get 4 points for every 1 BD spent at any of the festival’s partners.
Q: Will the Festival offer other prizes?

Yes, scratch & win cards will be available at the Festival’s Kiosks located in all participating malls.

  • Less than BD 50 (No Scratch and Wins)
  • BD 51 till BD 150 (1 Scratch and Wins)
  • BD 151 till BD 500 (2 Scratch and Wins)
  • More than BD 501 (3 Scratch and Wins)
Q: Are there any special travel packages during the Festival?
Please go to “Travel Packages” tab on the Festival’s website for more details and information regarding travel packages to Bahrain.
Q: Can I buy travel packages through the Festival’s website?
Please go to the “Travel Packages” on the Festival’s website for more details and information about travel packages.
Q: Will there be any special travel packages for families?
Please go to the “Travel Packages” on the Festival’s website for more details and information about travel packages.
Q: What kind of public transport services are available in Bahrain?
Bahrain has a lot of taxi companies such as Bahrain Taxi and Arabian Taxi to name a few along with SABTCO, UBER and Bahrain Cab Taxi. Also tourists and residents can enjoy the newly revamped Public Transport Bus Network that has a fleet of 141 buses operating 32 routes that covers 77% of Bahrain’s inhabited areas providing a convenient and comfortable service.
Q: Where can I rent my own car?
You can rent a car though any of the car rental companies operating at Bahrain International Airport, five to four star hotels or stand-alone offices in Manama.
Q: How long does it take to reach Manama from Bahrain’s International Airport?
Around 20 minutes.
Q: Will hotels have special offers during the Festival?
Shoppers will get points in the festival’s loyalty system when spending at the participating hotels facilities and restaurants. These points will allow them to enter the festival’s raffle draws and win valuable prizes.
Q: What are the participating hotels in the Festival?
A number of travel packages will be available to visitors during the Festival. To read more, visit the Travel Packages page on the Festival’s Website.
Q: I am not a Bahraini resident, can I enter the raffle draws?
Yes, all shoppers can enter the raffle draw.
Q: I am not a Bahraini resident, how can I receive my prize?
The Festival’s Organizing Committee will contact and inform you of all the related details.
Q: Where can I exchange currency?
Currency exchange shops are located at various shopping malls, in the main souqs and at the Bahrain International Airport.
Q: What is the currency exchange rate of the Bahraini Dinar?
To get the latest exchange rates, please visit the Central Bank of Bahrain’s website:
Q: What are Bahrain’s main archeological sites?
For more information about Bahrain’s main archeological sites, please visit the Kingdom page on the Festival’s website.
Q: How long does it take to reach Bab Al Bahrain from Bahrain International Airport?
It takes about 15-20 minutes by car, depending on the traffic.
Q: Do I need a visa to enter Bahrain?
Visas are required by all visitors to Bahrain, except GCC passport holders, as well as visitors from 67 countries who will be able to receive visas upon arrival. Visitors from 114 countries will be able to obtain electronic visas through the website If your country is not mentioned in the list, you can apply for a visa through the nearest Bahrain embassy in your respective country of residence.
Q: Can I obtain a visa online?
Yes, you can obtain the visa through the following website
Q: How can Bahrain host such events in light of it its current economic condition?
The Kingdom of Bahrain boasts a strong economic and tourism infrastructure to host local and international events.
Q: Why does Bahrain host a shopping festival when there are other festivals being held in the region?
Shop Bahrain is a unique nationwide celebration; making it the ideal platform to reenergize the retail sector by further strengthening the partnership between the public and private sector.